Home Sweet Home

This is the first video I made when I got my Canon HV20 camera. This is how the footage came out from the camera, with very little tinting of yellow in the highlights and blue in the shadows.
The song is one of my favorites, called Home Sweet Home, sung by Amelita Galli Curci, recorded about 100 years ago. The moth is just an excuse to listen to her...


Back on the page...er...screen

a month or so ago I got a new tabletPC (Gateway c-140x). The advantage in drawing directly onto the screen is enormous, and being so close to drawing is good too, as it absorbs distraction from the world around. It has drawbacks too, like the hand is in the way and covers part of the drawing, and the screen gets grubby quite frequently, but all in all it's an amazing tool. I've been doodling in TVP animation, all was done directly on the tablet. here's some of it.

Some more of these..em..drawings?

been a while

So, I moved back to Israel, or, in fact, was caused not get into the UK anymore by ways of dissatisfied immigration authorities. Been working on things here there. One of those things is a Music video for an Israeli band called Totobel. Here goes.



for illustartion friday




created for Illustration Friday, titled 'Signs'


Random Random Random

done in TVPaint Pro

Pages Scanned off my sketchbook.


This encompasses a few sensations on which I'm trying to build up a coherent film.

Any film, in fact.